It’s [ALMOST} the MOST wonderful time of the year…

Hey y’all, Happy Fri-YAY!!! We’ve been SO busy lately but glad to be back and share with y’all 🙂 I can’t believe its been almost a month since I’ve posted but we had an awesome halloween and it’s been great getting to see family and have time together.

The weekend prior to Halloween, we had our Annual Shelhorse Pumpkin Carving party and we had a great time (despite the look on Hadley’s face). It was SO warm on Halloween and we enjoyed the weather. Hadley and I met Daddy for lunch and then we went shopping before her nap. Trick-or-Treating was awesome and she had such a wonderful time, she was ready to stop after about 30 minutes but we powered through and she slept great that night 🙂

Last Friday, Daddy was off and we went to visit Grammy & Papa for the weekend. On Friday, while Grammy & Papa worked we took Hadley to lunch and then to her favorite place “Johnny G’s”! On Saturday, Hadley had her ears pierced! She cried for a little bit after but now (almost) a week later shes very happy with them and loves her diamonds!

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Last night, we went to a local shopping centers Lighting ceremony and Hadley got to see Santa!!! She was SO excited and had a great evening! Hadley got to sit on Santa’s lap for almost five minutes while the photographer fixed an issue and told him all about the bike that she wants him to bring her. He asked if she had been a good girl this year, her response while shaking her head yes, was “yep, i been” … what a sweet, sweet little girl.

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We are truly SO excited for the holidays this year and I can’t believe its Thanksgiving next week, I can’t wait to put up our tree and spend the first holidays in our new home! We hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving and that you get to spend time with those who you are truly thankful for.

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