Greater Columbus Fair 2016

I know I said I’d be back next week but last nights Fair Trip was awesome, we stayed way later than we originally planned but Hadley had a BLAST and even got her face painted for the very first time! She was a little sad because a new company did our local fair this year and the height requirements for some of the rides she rode last year were taller than she is right now, but we made the most of it and she had an awesome time! If you follow me on IG or Snapchat (emshelhorse) I posted quite a few “moments” from our time there!

14606429_10100796127681046_4222511306415439296_n14563439_10100796127835736_4841549390831238822_nHadley becomes Minnie

14581521_10100796127356696_2706779489364100610_n 14907658_10100796133249886_1230999285530707322_nSelfies on the Ferris Wheel with Momma & Daddy!

14520334_10100796126797816_9055632698408991767_n 14732123_10100796128309786_3323062987196186026_nMy world 🙂

14572974_10100796133379626_1316561035176722876_n 14632998_10100796133394596_6686975062752293388_n 14591621_10100796133409566_5078308246508272676_n 14705694_10100796133424536_5059328097892094686_nThese were some video snapshots when she was at the top of the Ferris Wheel, she loved it and I loved getting to experience it with her.

14581394_10100796127566276_2037165162533242336_n 14600872_10100796132715956_6011244715653110433_nRides with Daddy & Mommy

Todays agenda, Daddy is at work until 4 and I am working on a few orders while Hadley is playing. This evening we are painting pumpkins and spending time at home and then tomorrow is Grandaddy & Jen-Jens Annual Shelhorse Pumpkin Carving Party!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend 🙂



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