Hey y’all, we survived the short “work” week but it felt extra long to me this week. TSF Designs has officially hit our “busy season” and we have our first bulk order of the season along with all our other orders. Thankfully, I’ve been able to hang out with Hadley while I’m working or work when she’s napping/in bed so its working out perfectly.

Georgia is finally experiencing a “fall” this year, minus a few warmer afternoons this week and honestly I’m so happy. Hadley complained a lot about the heat this summer and thankfully its cool enough where she can play outside most of the day and not complain, lol. I honestly think she would live outside if she could, she loves the new backyard and neighborhood. It’s SO kid/family friendly and we have awesome neighbors, so I’m really thankful thus far. One of the houses beside us is for sale and we’re hoping for a nice family to move in, I stalk the people looking each time there is a new couple/family checking it out.

We have finally all gotten over the dreaded colds and post nasal things we were experiencing and can all breathe with ease again. So, our “fall family photos” are tomorrow evening (we rescheduled last week since we felt as if we were knocking on deaths door) and I’m really looking forward to it. Hoping Hadley doesn’t fuss when I curl her hair and that mine turns out good, this is the first time I’m actually curling my hair for “family photos” so I’m slightly nervous. I honestly feel like I never have before because I’m always rushing to make sure every little detail is right with Bailey and Hadley that I kind of scimp on myself. But, thankfully our new time is in the evening so we will have PLENTY of time for us all to get ready to I’m anxious and excited.

Hadley is growing like a WEED. It’s crazy how fast she’s learning new things and how independent she’s becoming. Just last week she decided she didn’t need her little extra “potty seat” and that she didn’t need my help going potty. She makes me close the door and stand outside so if she needs help, I’m right there waiting. I’m happy that she’s growing, learning new things and “fending for herself” but I’m also sad. I can’t believe how fast these three and a half years have gone by and that this time next year she will be two months into Pre-K.  The idea blows my mind, and I remember so many people saying “oh they grow so fast” and when your not sleeping and in the “new-ness” your like “yeah, whatever. just hush” but seriously, when did she get so big?

I saw via one of those wrap/pills/shakes posts that there are ONLY 10 Friday’s until Christmas… seriously? Santa Momma and Santa Daddy haven’t figured out ANYTHING, I mean what do you get for the girl that has basically everything? If you ask Hadley, she wants everything she sees on tv plus a new bike and the new disney princess motorized carriage ($399 at Wal-Mart) that Santa Daddy nixed as soon as he saw the price tag.  I’m SO lost as what to get her and I know since we are coming up on Halloween, the texts/emails will start coming in asking “what would Hadley like for christmas this year?” and honestly I got nothin’.  I mean I can come up with the little stuff but I have NO idea otherwise, I mean we thought a bike, but she won’t even try to pedal so I feel like thats out. HELP!!!!!

Oh and I added new listings to my shop this week, check them out!
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